Specials (example menu)

Dinner Menu

 Served Saturday evenings from 5.30pm




    Lamb, Rosemary & Parmesan Meatballs                                       £4.50

    Served in a rich tomato sauce on grilled bruschetta finished with rocket


     Krabby patties                                                                                   £4.95

    Homemade crab cakes served with a lemon & dill mayonnaise


    Duck, orange & Cointreau terrine                                                  £4.95

     Orange poached duck livers & confit duck leg with homemade orange jelly


    Aubergine fritters                                                                             £3.95

    With lemon & mint cous cous and tomato & Harissa dressing


    Chicken satay skewers                                                                     £4.50   

      Fresh chicken fillets marinated in a peanut sauce with Asian salad





    Lamb tagine                                                                                     £10.95 

      Slowly roasted and spiced shoulder of lamb, with apricots & chick peas              

      served with lemon & mint cous cous


    Grilled trout fillets                                                                          £10.95

    With a watercress, potato & green bean salad, with a shallot          

      And horseradish dressing


    Smoked chicken and mushroom risotto                                     £9.95

     Sautéed mushroom & garlic risotto with smoked chicken,

     Finished with rocket and parmesan crisp


    Goats cheese & red onion frittata                                                £8.95 

      Served with rocket and pine nut salad