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Daily Specials available

Sandwiches & Snacks

Available 12 - 2:30 daily Tues - Sun



All served with dressed salad & crisps on baguette, ciabatta or granary brown sliced bread


Atlantic Prawns Wrap - £6.95

On iceberg lettuce with Marie Rose


Roast Beef & red onion - £6.25

With horseradish mayo


Cheddar & red onion chutney - £5.95


Tuna & Red onion Mayo - £5.95


Warm Selection

Served with dressed salad & chips or spicy skins on a choice of baguette or ciabatta


Maypole melt - £6.95

Cajun chicken, smoky bacon & bbq sauce topped with cheese


Roast meat of the day  - £6.25

In a thick, rich gravy with caramelised red onion


Beef, blue cheese & caramelised red onion  - £7.95

topped with grilled blue cheese


Chicken, chorizo & jalapeno melt - £6.95

Topped with melted mozzarella


Beer Battered fish butty - £6.95

with mushy peas & tartar sauce


Cajun Chicken Breast - £6.75

Crisp leaf & soured cream in a grilled tortilla


Grilled Goat's cheese - £6.95

Topped with caramelised red onion chutney


Tuna, chilli & tomato Melt - £6.25

Topped with melted mature cheddar cheese


Rainbow vegetable wrap (VG) - £6.25

Roasted mixed peppers, red onions, sun-blushed tomatoes 

and basil pesto served in a tortilla wrap


Onion bhaji wrap (VG) - £6.25

Vegan sausages with caramelised red onions and gravy 



# Chefs soup of the day (V,VG)         £4.95

Ask your server for the options

# Chicken liver & brandy parfait                £5.75

Rich homemade potted pate, served with caramelised

red onion chutney & granary toast

# Creamy garlic mushrooms (V)       £5.25

Mushrooms, cooked in a garlic & cream sauce on char-grilled bread,

topped with fresh rocket & Parmesan

# Fishcake                                                  £5.75

Filleted salmon & smoked haddock with fresh

dill & potato in golden crumb, with homemade tartar sauce

Homemade onion bhaji's (VG)        £5.25

Served with mango chutney

Traditional prawn cocktail                £6.95

Atlantic prawns, iceberg lettuce, tomato & cucumber

with a rich Marie Rose dressing. Served with sliced granary bread

 # Beer battered brie wedge               £5.95

With caramelised red onion chutney

 Paprika spiced halloumi fries (V)  £6.95                        

Served with a garlic mayonnaise

 # Black pudding & chorizo                 £5.75

Served on a bed of mixed leaves with a soft poached egg

Salt & pepper king prawns                  £6.95

Served with sweet chilli dipping sauce


Large oven roasted pork chop           £11.95                                                                  Served on a bed of wholegrain mustard mash                                                                                                                    with a creamy leek & blue cheese sauce                                                                                                 

Minted lamb Henry                                £13.95     

Tender locally farmed lamb, slow cooked and                                                                                                served on creamy mashed potatoes with a rich minted                                                                        rosemary gravy & seasonal vegetables                                                                                           

# Bangers & mash                                  £10.95     

Succulent pork & leek sausages, served in a giant                                                                                      Yorkshire pudding with creamed potatoes,                                                                                          caramelised red onions & gravy                             

# Landlord steak pie                              £10.95

Cooked in Timothy Taylors ale with a golden short crust lid,

with hand cut chunky chips & mushy peas (add blue cheese for £1)                                                        Roast of the day                                        £9.95   

Served with mash potato, roast potato, Yorkshire pudding,

seasonal vegetables & gravy                     

Scottish salmon fillet                             £12.95   

Served on a bed sauteed new potatoes with mixed peppers                                                                                          & red onions, finished with a balsamic glaze     

Fisherman’s Pie                                        £12.95     

Fresh fish selection, poached in a creamy dill sauce

topped with mash & cheddar cheese with vegetables.

Beer battered haddock                         £11.95

Deep fried in Timothy Taylor’s beer batter served with

hand cut chips & mushy peas                                       

# Baby haddock                                       £9.95     

# Whole tail scampi                                £9.95  

Whole tail scampi in golden breadcrumbs with

hand cut chips & a fresh dressed salad                                                 

# Chefs chicken Kiev                               £9.95

Breaded chicken breast fillet inlaid with garlic & herb

butter served with hand cut chips & dressed salad                              

 # Cajun chicken salad bowl                 £10.95

Served on a mixed salad with a honey * mustard dressing                                 

#  Wild mushroom stroganoff (V)    £10.95

Served in a creamy brandy & paprika sauce with coriander rice                 

 # Beetroot & red onion tart(VG)      £10.95 

Topped with, Notzarella served in a puff pastry case                                                                                                      with mixed salad and finished with a balsamic glaze   

# char-grilled halloumi cheese        £10.95    

 Served on a bowl of mixed dressed salad                     


Side Orders

Hand Cut Chips - £2.50

Dressed salad - £2.95

Cajun potato skins - £2.50

Rocket & parmesan salad - £2.95

Beer battered onion rings - £2.95

Seasonal Vegetables - £2.50


Homemade steak burgers made using 100% of the finest locally farmed beef with our own special seasonings. All served in a toasted ciabatta with hand cut chips,onion rings & salad.

# Naked beef  or chicken                        £9.95

Smoked bacon & cheese                         £9.95

Stilton cheese                                              £9.95

Goat’s cheese & red onion                     £9.95

Chicken Mozzarella & Jalapeno          £9.95              

Salt & Pepper Chicken                             £9.95                                                                  Served with iceberg lettuce & sweet chilli sauce

Maypole Chicken                                        £10.95                                                              Cajun chicken, BBQ sauce, bacon & cheddar              

# Indian Style Seitan Burger(VG)        £9.95                                                              Topped with onion bhaji’s                                    


From the Grill section

All steaks served with hand cut chunky chips, onion rings, tomato & mushrooms                                                                                                               


  10oz Beef Rump Steak                          £13.95                                                                  12oz Gammon Steak                              £10.95                                                                  (With 2 fried eggs or grilled pineapple)                                                                                Surf & Turf’                                                £15.95                                                                  10oz rump steak topped with pan fried king prawns in garlic butter                            Tandoori Lamb Chops                           £14.95                                                                  Two marinated 6oz lamb chops on a sizzling platter                                                                                   of onions, served with chunky chips, dressed salad                                                                                     and a homemade minted Raita

  Moroccan Chicken Skewers                £12.95                                                                  Two marinated chicken & mixed pepper skewers                                                                                         served with chunky chips, dressed salad and homemade Tzatziki                              Maypole Mixed Kebab                           £14.95                                                            One Tandoori lamb chop & one Moroccan chicken skewer served on a sizzling platter of               onions with chunky chips, dressed salad and homemade Tzatziki                                              


Sizzling platters

Served on a sizzling platter of mixed peppers, red onions, and cherry tomatoes

Chicken breast                               £10.95                                                       

King prawns                                    £12.95                                                                      Beef rump                                         £13.95                       

 # Grilled halloumi (V)                £11.95       

 # Mixed vegetables (VG)            £9.95                                                                            All Served with coriander & lime rice


Childrens / Senior Meals

(Recommended for children and people of any age with a small appetite)


Cheese and tomato ciabatta pizza - £4.95

Served with hand cut chips & beans


Sausage and mashed potato - £5.95

With a mini Yorkshire pudding and rich beef gravy


Hand Breaded chicken breast strips - £5.95

Served with hand cut chips & beans


Roast dinner of the day - £6.75

With all the trimmings including a baby Yorkshire pudding


Beer Battered Haddock - £6.95

With hand cut chips & mushy peas


Breaded wholetail scampi - £5.95

With handcut chips and salad


Luxury fisherman's pie - £6.95

Topped with mashed potato & cheese,served with garden peas